I am not dead

but sometimes I just feel like a mullvad (blind och skygg) Dessa veckor har jag badat mer än vad jag gjort de 14ochetthalvtår jag levt fram tills nu. I have gotten a 22 yearold American friend, the most femenistisk guy and the 2nd redest guy I've met. Beaten by my father. My dad is very chineese/conservative/red.
I've written 6 songs this summer. I've not done many other things. I went to Höganäs and Lund a cuple of weeks ago.
Since I've not recorded any other songs on tape I have posted this song instead, by Laura Marling, called Ghosts. It's much better than any song I'll ever write.
Although I have recorded another song, but I have no idea how to post it since it is not a video. Ah, well...

Laura Marling - Ghosts


How stupid of me!
Here is the other song. Please don't laugh at me. I know it's far from perfect.