Jane austen

I do have my guilty plesures
I can promise you that.
Lately it has been Jane Austin Novels, or more corectly Jane Austen Noveladaptions. (I do hope that my English teacher doesn't visite my blogg)

Here's an adaption of Mansfield Park from 1999.
Althoug I've heard that it is not that faithful to the novel. Oh well, it's good, that's for sure.

Part 1

Although I've realized that audiobooks are too expensive, there is nothing in the way for me to borow them. I love the liberary. (And ofcourse that my intesions are to copy them to my PC and then burn my own copies doesn't need to be publicly exposed is a självklarhet)

Postat av: sara

I think that the most common word in your blog right now is "although", isn't it?

2008-01-19 @ 21:17:08
Postat av: fannen


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