THank you Good for this fine day.

I feel bad when I can't find a minute in my  very hectic days to you, my readers. (notice irony, altough I do feel bad)
Like yesterday for example:

  • Came back from school.
  • Made an omelette and wached Everwood/Veronica Mars.
  • Went downtown to check out some fabricstores. Tried to find some nice patterns for my Promdress.
  • Realized that patterns were expensive.
  • Decided that  it was unnecessery.
  • Wanted to by Jane Austen audiobooks.
  • Realized that audiobooks were expensive.
  • Decided that it was unnecessery.
  • Did som comfortshopping at HM.
  • Did not study enough for my French exam.
And no time to blogg.

Postat av: sara

Oh my god. You have a very good "ordförråd" in english.

2008-01-12 @ 14:34:55
Postat av: fannen

Sara- I am not enig with you

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