I am kind of lazy. Havn't changed my accountpicture for almost a year now. The funny thing is that now, my hair looks almost the same.


SVT 1 aired BBC's version of Jane Austens Persuasion, and I missed it. I only cetched the last five minutes.
I am a sucker for romantic dramas. As one of the girls in Sahara Hotnight explained in one of my sisters ELLE magazines. "They don't have to have sex. Just one little kiss in the end and everyone is happy" The new film Atonement, starring Keira Knightly and James McAvoy (oh, i hate the word sexy, but gosh!) is directed by Joe Wright, the same Joe Wright who did Pride and Predjudice which i LOVE. (no, Elsa, not the long version)
I would love to see it but, I'm not sure I would be able to handle it. It seems to be so sad.

So sad, but again so beautiful. By reading the comments I can see that everyone hares Briony (the little girl) after watching the film. I already hate her.

Postat av: elsa

den är bra, men mest bra i början.

2008-02-06 @ 17:26:45
Postat av: fannen

Men jag hater liksom redan Briony och jag kan hela handlingen utantill, till och med det lilla slutt-twisten. jag tror inte att jag tænker se den på bio.

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